Extra Spins

Welcome to our extra spins guide.  Are you looking for the most exciting extra spins offers? Well, you have come to the right place. Here at best-casinosites we want to make sure you can get all the best extra spins offers in the UK right now. In order to find what you are looking for check out our casino guide, here you can find everything that is worth knowing about extra spins. If you already know what you are looking for, well there is no point wasting your time go ahead and throw your self into the fantastic world of extra spins!!

What are extra spins

Extra spins or extra bonus spins is a way for you to spin the wheel some extra times without having it affect your balance. You will play with real money and have the chance to win real money as well.  “Extra Spins” are often limited to certain slots and there is some requirement in order to claim your profit. So why would casinos give away extra spins? There are several ways for them to benefit from giving you some extra spins on a certain wheel. Well, first of all, they are not really extra, or sometimes they can be.  We know that there are so many different extra spins offers out there, It’s not easy to get an overall view of all the different offers.  So what have we done to ease this for you? Well, we decided to gather all the best extra spins offers out there right now.  We have personly tired them att and listed them below.  So get ready to gather you extra spin offer!

Extra spins can be colorful and tempting with their great offers. How would like to go for a spin on the wheel?  Extra spin means more or less than the casino offers you a bonus to spinn the wheel without it having to affect you balance. That is a super great way to try and just enjoy the fun of it.

How to get extra spins

There is, of course, several ways to get extra spins at a casino. Some casinos offer you extra spins with your first deposit, some without deposits and some requires wagering in order claim your profits.  Some bonuses are more common than others and to not make it to confusing for you we have tried our best to explain the most common and different kind of extra spin bonuses out there.

No deposit bonuses – Extra Spins

No deposit bonuses are just what they sound like, you will not have to put a deposit into the casino in order to claim the bonus. These are one of the most common bonuses and mostly these bonuses are claimed in connection with you signing up for the Casino for the first time. This is a way for the Casinos to introduce you to their different slot games and hopefully, you will stay and enjoy some of their other games as well. You can feel safe using the no deposit bonus since you don’t have put any money in and you don’t have to state your payment information. If you enjoy sitting down and play for a longer session this is the bonus for you. So go ahead and claim your bonus right away!


Wagering – Requirements for extra spins

Many casino have requirements on wagering. It can be that you must wager winnings from extra spins 5 times, before being able to cash out your winnings.  Another common wagering requirement is regarding bonuses. If you get 100 dollar in bonus, then the casino requires you to wager that amount 10 times.

But what does this actually mean?

It’s pretty simple. If you get a 100 dollar bonus and you need to wager that amount 10 times, then you need to betta 1000 dollar. You can do that by betting 1 dollar 1000 times, 10 dollar 100 times or any other combination. This can seem like a lot, but the average expected win in many games are close to 50% so you have a good chance to keep your bonus. But as always, don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose, and read the terms and conditions carefully. If anything is unclear don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to explain any question.

Extra spin Adventure begins her!

Her at best-casino sites we would like to offer the best bonuses in the UK. Hope you enjoyed our guide as much as we enjoyed writing it. You can now find all the great offer on your list above. At casino sites we want extra spins to be fun, safe and easy to access. We have therefore made our list based on that.  Go crazy and find the bonus that appeals you the most. Don’t forget to read terms and condition. And if everything lives up to your expectation. Just jump on the train and get ready to spin some wheels.

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