Casino Bonus 2018

As you have seen on our front pages, we have gathered the best casino bonus 2018. To make it easy for you to find the best deals possible. But there is a lot of different kind of bonuses and here can you quickly learn about all the different kinds.

Casino Bonus -Deposit

The deposit bonus requires you to do a real deposit to that site to get the bonus. But if you put up money, so will the casinos. Often they will even match your deposit 2 times, so if you deposit £100, you can get a £200 bonus. That would be described as a 200% bonus. Bonuses like this require you to play, wager, a certain amount before being able to withdraw them. It is important to read the terms and conditions before you start playing with these bonuses.

But in our experience its here you will find the best bonus 2018. We don’t like impossible wagering requirements here at, so we display deals that are competitive, not just in £ but also in requirements.

Free spins – Bonus spins – Free bonus

A below child has many names and this type of bonus is one of the most searched after bonus 2018. We think it’s for a good reason! There are no deposit requirements, so you don’t have to put in money to start spinning. They are perfect to try a casino you have not tried before, we have tested a lot of casinos this way.

But isn’t it too good to be true? Yes and no, there can still be requirements on free spins 2018. If you win, you might need to wager your winnings before being able to deposit, just like the deposit bonus. So it is important to read terms and conditions before playing. But yes, we have won at several casinos, and withdrawn money from that casino without spending a cent.

Free spins/bonus spins

Here the casino gives you a number of spins, on real slot-machines, and for the possibility to win real money. The number of bonus spins you get, and the requirements to withdraw money varies, so head over to our top list of free spins bonus 2018 to claim your spins.

Free casino bonus

This are similar to free spins, but here you get an amount of money instead. You will need to wager these bonuses, but when no deposit is needed then we have no problem playing against wagering requirements.

Welcome bonus

The absolutely best bonus 2017 was a welcome bonus. Here at we think that welcome bonus is the best place to look if you want the best bonus 2018. Welcome bonuses are often some bonus spins and a great deposit bonus. But competition in the casino market today is hard, and some casinos have started to give gadgets instead. We like gadget’s and have seen many different kinds lately.

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